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New products from Lumiprobe: JOE dye and kits for labeling antibodies with NIR fluorophores

Lumiprobe has extended the portfolio of fluorophores: JOE dye derivatives are now available. JOE is a fluorescent dye emitting in the yellow region of the spectrum (absorption max. 533 nm, emission max. 554 nm). The fluorophore matches the channel of HEX, another chlorinated fluorescein dye. JOE is often used in qPCR; oligo labeling can be achieved with Click chemistry. An azide derivative of JOE (for Click chemistry) is in stock and ready for immediate shipping. JOE phosphoramidite for oligo synthesis is available with a lead time of currently 21 days.

Lumiprobe also offers new kits for antibody labeling with cyanine fluorophores. Recently we increased the range of fluorescence wavelengths and now five items are available to cover a wide spectral range from orange to NIR:

sulfo-Cyanine3 antibody labeling kit (Emission max. at 563 nm)

sulfo-Cyanine5 antibody labeling kit (Emission max. at 662 nm)

sulfo-Cyanine5.5 antibody labeling kit (Emission max. at 707 nm)

sulfo-Cyanine7 antibody labeling kit (Emission max. at 773 nm)

sulfo-Cyanine7.5 antibody labeling kit (Emission max. at 798 nm)

sulfo-Cyanine7 and sulfo-Cyanine7.5 antibody labeling kits are best suited for labeling proteins (including antibodies) to be used in in vivo imaging.

The kits contain all necessary components to get your purified antibody labeled in just 40 minutes. Antibody labeling was never so flexible and easy! Try it now for free!*

*A free promotional kit pack (single reaction labeling kit) is available on request and only one per order . The promotional kit cannot be shipped separately and must be ordered together with another product from the Lumiprobe catalog. The availability of promotional packs is limited.

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