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Let the FREE Respirator Mask be our souvenir

These days we continue to work for you. But we are also aware of the possible dangers and seek to protect our workers. Nowadays, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as facemasks could help to protect you and people around you from diseases spread. Lumiprobe Corporation would like to make its own contribution to protect not only its own workers but also its customers by providing KN95 respirator mask with any shipment for more than $200. This offer is valid only for shipments within the USA.

You can order our products online with choice of pay with credit card or (PO) pay by wire transfer or check in 30 days. Lumiprobe will also accept your Purchase Orders sent by email: [email protected] or fax: +1 888 973-6354

NB: We don't sell masks we just add them as souvenirs. KN95 mask, which is Chinese Standard #GB2626-2006 is an alternative to the N95 (United States standard #NIOSH-42CF R84) and FFP2 (Europe standard #EN 149-2001)

Stay Safe & Healthy!

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